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​​Baumann Australia Pty.Ltd. Best guaranteed packaging solutions for turnkey projects. Packaging machines, CWL - Labeling machines. Sydney,Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth. Packaging machines-automation & services. Filling & sealing equipment. SmartVac Thermoformer packaging machine. Vacuum Skin Packaging.



We are packaging and product Engineers, committed to advancing food, pharmaceutical, and other industries. 

Recent Achievments - equipped for the future -

  • ​CWL 150 automatic wrap around labeller for cylindrical products.
  • CW 150 High Speed Cross Web Labeller with innovative design.
  • SMARTVAC Thermoforming Packaging Machine designed for the meat, poultry, small-goods and seafood products.The machine available for purchase is suitable for smaller to medium - sizes operations.​

​Baumann provides packaging and labelling equipment and supplies of the most trusted and well known brands in the industry including:

  • HC - Cartoning machines
  • SMARTVAC Thermoforming packaging machines
  • CWL - Crossweb Film Package Labellers
  • RS - Bilance Weigh Price Labellers
  • SESOTEC Inspection Systems

Engineering and manufacturing solutions

Our People

Our employees maintain the production expertise, technical knowledge, competence, training,and creativity needed  to effectively and efficiently  serve our customer's needs in the ever - changing food, medical and pharmaceutical industries.​​

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Food Products

Non Food Products

Industrial Products

Consumer Products

​​Tel.  02 720 521 70 . Packaging machines-automation & services. Sydney Melbourne Perth.SmartVac Thermoforming packaging machines.​​

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​​Helping to bring the best products and services to our customers, using science, technology, and creative thinking.

Engineering for Quality and Performance

Baumann's Engineering and Quality program ensures our products are engineered and produced to meet or to exceed our customer's requirements.​​

Our Vision

Our customers recognize us for our leading technologies and services delivery innovative  and sustainable solutions.