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Automatic labelling system for side and recto/verso application on elliptical, oval, quadrangular bottles, jars and products

  • The  System is for the application of one side, or two sides (recto/verso) of elliptical and quadrangular bottle and products.
  • The CWL provides different models, depending on production needs, the equipment of alarms and controls.
  • The CWL provide different production speeds, in standard,  customized or tailor-made configurations.

The CWL accommodates a wide range of labelling needs. Applying labels on to the front and back of a container is built in to  the two - side apply design.

You can also easily configure for a non - side apply or use the optional wrap station for round containers.

The CWL boasts a modular design that allows you to upgrade it;s capabilities as your needs evolve. Whether you have a custom product  application or your product changes, it's simple to upgrade the machine to accommodate your new requirements.

According to (GMP) standards, the CWL is made of 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminium.


02 720 521 70


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