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XY traversing unit with an ink jet coding system

​​​​​​​Technical Data: 

  • Micro processor controller in S/S housing
  • Clear text display of system
  • Messages via LCD display
  • Continous printing for coding top of the web
  • Multi - track and multi - row printing
  • ​Up to 4 line printing / pack
  • ​Protection class:IP-65

The traditional ELS 620 Ink Jet Coding System from Baumann is designed for in-line- high speed coding,suitable for thermoforming machines.

The ELS 620 transversal and longitudinal traversing unit is fitted for multi-track and multi-row coding on the top of the web of the finished pack. The traversing unit is fitted on the discharge extension of the packaging machine.


Tel.  02 720 521 70 . Packaging machines-automation & services. Sydney Melbourne Perth.SmartVac Thermoforming packaging machines.​​

Advantages: packing machinery

  • Practical and cost effective coding solution for thermoformed packages
  • Fits on almost every thermoforming machine and tray sealer
  • Proven control technology for flexible packaging production
  • Modular components for absolute flexibility
  • Highest performance and quality
  • Worldwide installation and 24/7 technical support