Advantages: Food packing and labelling

  • Practical and cost effective labelling solution for thermoformed packages
  • Fits on almost every thermoforming machine and tray sealer
  • Proven control technology for flexible packaging production
  • Modular components for absolute flexibility
  • Worldwide installation and 24/7 technical support

Cross Web Labelling Systems in Australia

​​​​​​​Technical Data:

  • Label width:             100 - 200 mm
  • ​Film width:               320 - 1000 mm
  • ​Label Roll dia.:         380 - 450 mm
  • ​Multi pack format:    15 packs / 15 rows 
  • ​Hig speed:                Depend on label & pack size 
  • ​Protection class:      IP-65

High performance Cross Web Labelling Systems Food packing and labelling, Consumables packaging and labelling, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth

The CWL labeller is specially constructed to mount directly on to your packaging machines.The CWL  - Labeller automatically applies pressure - sensitive labels on top of the package after the sealing operation.The CWL  - Labeller is fast and precise and built to the highest quality standards.  

  • Ideal for placement of ingredients, UPC, and nutritional information
  • Conforms to most product conturos
  • Designed for wash down environments


  • Empty package / clear label detection system
  •  Various printers available
  • Early warning / low label indicator

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