ADVANTAGES CWL label applicators

  • Flexibility
  • Accurate, fast and reliable
  • Designed for quick product change over
  • User friendly set - up
  • Completely synchronized system
  • Easy to move conveyor to different packing lines
  • IP - 65 protection class
  • Made in Australia

Tamper-evidence labelling system CWL label applicators


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Baumann has simple solutions to apply tamper evident labels on to  brick style carton boxes and products. The labelling system is easy to set-up and operate.It can be integrated into packing lines.

This system includes CWL label applicators and is made by Baumann Engineering.


  • Constructed of Non - Corresive Materials
  • Conveyor speed up to 40 m / minute
  • Standard conveyor width 300 mm
  • Standard conveyor lenght 2000 mm
  • Can process paper or transparent labels
  • Standard label width 100 mm
  • Quick label roll replacement system
  • Roll - End warning system
  • Integrated label inspection system with reject