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Our edding portable compact printer enables the redefinition of internal production and logistics processes. Equipped with the immense functionalities of the in-line printer, supplemented by a positioning laser and an industrial battery, it offers in the form of a mobile printer the perfect solution.

​​With the portable barcodes, Datamatrix codes, texts and logos in high-resolution 600-dpi quality can be applied everywhere. The cartridge system allows color change within seconds, while the original LiHD Metabo battery with 4.0 Ah can run the printer non-stop for up to 12 hours.

​​It is particularly suitable for users who need to attach labels outside of production.

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02 720 521 70

This easy-to-use handheld inkjet printer can print on wood, cardboard, foil, glass, plastics and more... ​

Discover the edding portable inkjet printer, now. >>>

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The smartest high-end

hand printer ever​​​

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With edding's portable handheld printer, you can do high-resolution marking of expiry date, barcode, QR code, text, symbols and logos on almost any type of material from wood, cardboard, foil, to glass and plastics.

Industry 4.0-enabled, the edding portable delivers futureproof connectivity. You can choose from many, diverse connectivity options for seamless communication with all ERP and MRP systems.

  • All-in-one stackable original Tanos transport box
  • Ergonomic design for permanent use
  • Ethernet incl. SNMT for connection to ERP system
  • Integrated positioning laser
  • Choice of different ink types and colors
  • 12h operating time with 4 Ah Metabo LiHD industrial battery
  • 24 months warranty (without battery and consumables)
  • Automatic Cartridge reordering service
  • High-resolution 600 dpi printing
  • Input via touchscreen, wireless keyboard, mobile devices or PC

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Transform print quality on your packaging and reduce your annual running costs with edding, Germany's most trusted name in ink.

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