The XL 2500 prints high-resolution texts and graphics with a print height of up to 100 mm. The four printheads are adaptable to your packaging printing needs. It prints both static and dynam-ic data, e.g. from databases. It offers the highest printing quality (300 dpi) and maximum reliability. Thanks to its cartridge based print engine it is 100% maintenance-free.

In addition to the usual 42 ml cartridges, the XL 2500 can also be equipped with various bulk ink supply systems. This can achieve high printing counts and low printing costs.

The system is based on a robust full-metal platform and is therefore suitable for harsh environments. It works with inks for porous surfaces (cardboard, wood) and non-porous surfaces (plastic, metal).

The systems are particularly suited for users who are aiming for a full-size coding of their products and are looking for a maintenance-free printer with moderate printing costs.

​​Edding XL - 2500

​Packaging printer with 

100 mm print height

Printing on different surfaces with a simple cartridge change

  • Up to 100 mm printing height
  • Stacked heads up to 250 mm
  • Shock-absorbing suspension
  • 600 dpi resolution for razer-sharp printing
  • Maximum reliability
  • Print from database or excel files
  • Comprehensive range of bulk ink systems
  • Low printing costs

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