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  • HMI color touch screen
  • No product / no carton feed
  • No carton / no insertion
  • No insertion / product reject
  • No carton / no glue application
  • Consecutive no carton detection
  • Sensor failure / obstruction detection
  • Product jam detection
  • Cartoner jam detection
  • Position control of pneumatics and glue
  • Intermittent or continuous operation
  • Glue system monitoring
  • Full safety interlocks

HC - 3200 is a high quality cartoner that erects, closes and glues cartons and inserts  product in to the cartons.

​The automatic loading of the product is accomplished with the addition of a servo controlled cam driven product inserter to a cartoner built to a basic foundation of the HC-120 semi automatic cartoner.

The machine is constructed of stainless steel and anodized aluminium with the pharmaceutical and food industries intended as target customers.

The HC - 3200is designed to be adaptable to a wide range of product and speed ranges in order to offer the most utility.The HC - 3200 relies on mechanical synchronization of the various moving components that perform the process of erecting and closing a carton to reduce set-up time.     

Electronic set-up parameters are saved and recalled, in the form of box recipes, using HMI (Human Machine Interface). The values are located into the PLC (Programmable Logic controller) program by the simple entry of a box number.These parameters will include pneumatic and glue functions that are controlled in relation to the position of cartons on the cartoner chains enabling a wide range of throughput rated with minimal or no parameter adjustment.​​

The use of the PLC and HMI enable the cartoner to accepppt a wide range of optional equipment such as coders, labellers, barcode readers, and conveyors reducing control system complexity, increasing reliability and performance whyle concentrating control functions to the touch screen.

HC - 3200

Automatic indexing cartoner

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