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​We don't just sell products.Instead,we are a knowledge-based provider, backed by our partners & associates, engineers, equipment, application and industry experts, and are dedicated to delivering tailored solutions for

our customers.

We specialize in food processing and packaging,industrial packaging and packaging equipment suppliers.

Our solutions for food industry help strengthening the competitiveness of companies in their global marketplace. Baumann has a proven track record of supporting big names in the global food industry by providing efficient products and solutions such as hygienic food processing and packing systems, superior space-saving and energy-saving Dynamic Packing systems as well as highly efficient hygienic and robust thermoformers, cartoners,labellers and inspection equipment with the latest technology.

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  • We are Global sourcing for our clients.
  • We provide complete turn-key projects.
  • Seek qualified suppliers.
  • Fair price bidding from multiple suppliers.
  • Negotitate with supplier.
  • Supplier verification.

Purchasing and Quality Control

  • Client provide purchasing order.
  • Negotiate term with nominated supplier.
  • Payment management.
  • Coordinate production.
  • Inspect products.
  • Coordinate shippment and delivery.

Installation and Comissioning

  • Turn-Key Projects are installed and comissioned by our enginering team.

After Sales Support

  • You are supported 24/7 
  • ​We provide on-site service for preventive maintenance or carry out emercency repairs.