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​​Baumann Australia Pty.Ltd. Best guaranteed packaging solutions for turnkey projects. Packaging machines, CWL - Labeling machines. Sydney,Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth. Packaging machines-automation & services. Filling & sealing equipment. SmartVac Thermoformer packaging machine. Vacuum Skin Packaging.

  • We are Global sourcing for our clients.
  • We provide complete turn-key projects.
  • Seek qualified suppliers.
  • Fair price bidding from multiple suppliers.
  • Negotitate with supplier.
  • Supplier verification.

Purchasing and Quality Control

  • Client provide purchasing order.
  • Negotiate term with nominated supplier.
  • Payment management.
  • Coordinate production.
  • Inspect products.
  • Coordinate shipment and delivery.​
  • Installation and Comissioning
  • Turn-Key Projects are installed and comissioned by our enginering team.

After Sales Support

  • You are supported 24/7 
  • ​We provide on-site service for preventive maintenance or carry out emercency repairs.

​​​​​​​​Packaging equipment suppliers​​​​​ food packing. 

We don't just sell products.Instead,we are a knowledge-based provider, backed by our partners & associates, engineers, equipment, application and industry experts, and are dedicated to delivering tailored solutions for our custemers.

​We specialize in food processing and packaging,industrial packaging and packaging equipment suppliers.​

Our solutions for food industry help strengthening the competitiveness of companies in their global marketplace. Baumann has a proven track record of supporting big names in the global food industry by providing efficient products and solutions such as hygienic food processing and packing systems, superior space-saving and energy-saving Dynamic Packing systems as well as highly efficient hygienic and robust thermoformers, cartoners,labellers and inspection equipment with the latest technology.




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02 720 521 70

​​Tel.  02 720 521 70 . Packaging machines-automation & services. Sydney Melbourne Perth.SmartVac Thermoforming packaging machines.​​