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Features of the hot stamp printer

  • Pneumatic print head
  • Electronic card for temperature adjustment
  • Foil unwinder 244 m
  • Foil rewinder
  • Mechanically adjustable foil stroke
  • Compressed air control unit
  • Safety guards
  • Ancillary devices
  • Support structure
  • Hot stamp type holder
  • Hot stamp type sets
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Hot foil printers

Hot stamp printer system  installed on automatic labelling machines, label applicators and labelling systems to print variable data such as batch number, production/best before date, etc.

  • Hot stamp printers  with a speed up to 19.000 labels/hour
  • Hot stamp type sets and holders available in 3 sizes:  1,8 x 0,8 mm, 1,8 x 1,6 mm and 3 x 2, 5 mm
  • Hot stamping foil for hot printing (hot foil), that is coloured ribbons available in different widths and colours, included metallic ones.

Hot Stamp Markers


Hot stamp printers, type sets and holders for hot printing of varibale data, e.g. production batch, production, best before date.


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