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 MVZ-300 is a compete packaging system with flexibility to meet various needs, it carries out successive packaging processes and provides products with a long shelf life. Having product compliance and a highly sensitive dosing system, It is an improved packaging system which realizes both small and large scale hygienic packaging. Preheating plates, forming mold, filling, vacuum unit, gas injection station, sealing station and cutting station are the main units of the machines. Transportation of packaging foil via chain system gives the possibility of using soft material that offers economic and high performance conditions. Being a machine operated by a single operator, it requires minimal maintenance and works without noise and failure. Thanks to the fact that all its mechanisms, including main chassis and feet, are made of 304 quality stainless steel and metal profiles. It is long lived, even in the most difficult working conditions. Either only vacuum is applied to products packaged by MVZ-300 or more protective gas are injected in order to obtain optimum shelf life. The best quality materials are used in every stage of its pneumatic lines in order to apply the latest technology. The MVZ-300 offers you a more comfortable working environment with a servo motor for digital advancement, a state of the art PLC control system which allows for monitoring of parameters and necessary adjustments to be made easily and a touch screen operator panel with protection against external influences.